People build excellence.

We show each person who works at CHRISTAL their importance in the team. We praise the relevance of your initiatives as a protagonist. Thus, we create a consistent engagement towards excellence.

The spontaneous commitment of employees, a privilege. The trust and partnership of people, the result.
People, the best investment. Always.

Awareness of the impacts of our existence on interactions with each stakeholder leads us to experience more human, innovative and sustainable relationships.

Together with the responsibility to nurture and disseminate best practices, it gave us the BB Seal of Humanized Research, in 2021..

Responses from employees, business partners and society stated that the quality of our relationships is “moderately high” (above the national average).

We work for better people in the world from the expanded consciousness of each of them. We do this by developing relationships of integrity and by encouraging each person, starting with ourselves, to excellence.

We know that attitudes better represent our principles than words. We encourage volunteering, entrepreneurship, idea generation movements and activities that contribute to health and well-being.

We adopt open doors, so that employees and family members feel at home and learn the values for which we care: people, appreciative look, serve, boldness, integrity, excellence and sustainability.

It is the central pillar for broadening individual consciousness. We invest in a continuous and structured way in the personal and professional development of the employees of our units.

Transparency at all times and clarity of our steps are important aspects for our employees to understand the journey of our brands.

Quarterly meetings present the results obtained in the previous period, evaluate successes and suggest corrections when necessary.

Read our Code of Conduct.
It targets the actions of its employees, in all business units, as well as outside of them.

Download it by clicking here.

We’re grateful.

To be, to do, to depend, to have faith: these are privileges that have been given to us with life. The realization that everything around us is a gift, drives us to listen, to share, to give ourselves to those who walk with us. One of the ways is when we also donate more than 10% of the business results. We rejoice in sowing, in supporting, in cheering, guiding our actions for our purpose: to inspire and develop people for excellence.

CHRISTAL Park is 450,000m2 wide. It includes our RUDOLPH, RUFIX and rup! units. Together, they occupy about 10% of the area for the execution of their activities.

The remaining 90% is preserved flora and fauna. Since 1989, we have added more than 400 species to the park, both native and exotic. We share knowledge and encourage good practices to employees and visitors; expanding the admiration, commitment and awareness that without plants there is no food, animals, sounds, colors. Without plants there is no life.

Stage for the development of people and business.

Challenge us.